About town

Most na Soči is an idyllic village in the west of Slovenia, which lies at the confluence point of the rivers Soča and Idrijca. The TAMI centre is located right along the lake, 50m from the bridge over the Soča River. In the summer, visitors can swim in the Idrijca river (the water temperature reaches 24°C) and in the lake (the water temperature reaches 20°C). Most na Soči is a very old settlement; it has been inhabited continuously for 3000 years and it is also known for its archaeological excavations. There are replicas on display along the path called “Čez Most po modrost” (to stroll across Most na Soči to get wisdom). We take pride in the water-power path called “Na Most po krepost” (to Most na Soči to get goodness) and you can also go for a walk down the paths named Kosmačeva učna pot (Kosmac’s educational path).

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